About Jack Straps

Robbie in Penang

Jack Straps was born from the need for somewhere to put cufflinks where they wouldn’t get lost, chipped, or broken. I quickly found that a cufflink box was not the answer.

And so some guy, probably me, decided that instead of buying a cufflink box he was going to poke some holes in a tie, stick some cufflinks into it and then hang it in his wardrobe.

Vuala – cufflink storage:

  1. Not in a cufflink box (which is only slightly more manly than calling it what it really is – a  ‘jewelry box’).
  2. Next to my shirts.
  3. So convenient.

Maybe that guy should have left it at that. Nothing wrong with a holey tie hanging up in your wardrobe. But no, something inside him said “You should sell these to other people and share the majestic product that you have created”.

And that is why Jack Straps was founded – to make life easier for you.

Cufflinks Strap hanging downside up

The Jack Straps mission is to create a range of lifestyle enhancing products that will help make your life easier in difficult, stressful or time consuming situations. We will be innovative and creative in the design of our products, and strive to have the best quality manufacturing and materials on the market.

Each one of our products will be thought through in every aspect so that the biggest problem in a given situation that the product is designed for is minimised.

This can be seen in our cufflink strap range, as the most stressful part of the morning for me was trying to find a pair of cufflinks in a box filled with cufflinks, and always knowing there is a chance of the cufflinks being chipped or damaged in some way.

The Australian made, manufactured and owned Jack Straps “Cufflink Strap” is designed for hanging your cufflinks in a convenient location, which will save you time, space and hair*.

It is hand crafted in Melbourne from genuine cow leather by a Leather Extraordinaire with 45 years experience!

The Cufflink Strap will make your morning routing more efficient by ensuring your cufflinks are kept readily available, safe and organised. Forgo the chaos and uncertainty of your jewellery / cufflink box, take back the space on your dresser, and start using a Jack Straps Cufflink Strap today!

*Saving hair not scientifically proven. Yet.

Jack Straps Cufflink Straps hanging in a tree

Included benefits are:

Hang your Cufflink Strap in any convenient place or location for maximum effectiveness – Science recommends a place close to your shirts, where cufflinks will stay organised and undamaged.

Clip Cufflinks into the strap as you normally would into the cuffs of your best shirt.

It’s ideal for travelling – just hang the cufflink strap up inside your jacket bag, roll it up and put it in your bag, or wear it as a tie!

Cufflink Strap packaging

It’s also great for well groomed people that ride, walk or run to work and keep shirts and cufflinks inside a locker – no longer shall you have cufflinks falling into shoes, onto the floor, or into the bottom of the ocean.

Keep your cufflinks and watch together for added convenience with the addition of a watch clip (select products only).

With the Stainless Steel Cufflink Strap Hanger you can hang it up in almost any place you can imagine!