So you left your cufflinks at home. By accident. Sigh.

It might be something innocent that caused the accident, like you rode your bike or jogged into work and accidentally left your cufflinks out of your bag. Sigh.

Or it might be a little less innocent, you had a big night out and slept somewhere else, a bowling alley perhaps, and change into your spare suit at work. But don’t have cufflinks. Sigh.

It might be you are attending an out of town formal event, and in your hotel room you realise your cufflinks have been stolen by the baggage handlers at the airport. Sigh. You should have chosen a better airline.

The next few tips on how to make cufflinks out of home and office supplies should get you out of trouble.

If this happens to you often, and you still store your cufflinks in a cufflink box like a cave man, then you definitely should look into getting a Cufflink Strap to put in your locker or take on your travels. If you already have a Cufflink Strap and this still happens to you? Get yourself together, friend.