What is a Cufflink Strap?

A Cufflink Strap is a new addition to your dressing routine that keeps your cufflinks organised, safe from damage and in a convenient place next to your shirts.

The Cufflink Strap is made out of leather and is specially designed to keep your cufflinks protected from scratches or nicks. The leather is soft and will not scratch or harm your cufflinks in any way, and the cufflink strap also keeps your cufflinks separated, which stops them damaging each other.

The Cufflink Strap is ideal for travelling, as it will hang nicely in your suit bag or can be folded up and stored safely in your luggage.

What if I already have a cufflink box?

If you already own a cufflink box there are still many benefits a Cufflink Strap can off you, and many situations where a Cufflink Strap will be a better fit for your liftstyle.

For example:

  1. Does a cufflink box fit into your locker at work?
  2. Is a cufflink box easy to travel with?
  3. Does your cufflink box fit in a convenient space in your bedroom?

When I was testing prototypes of the Cufflink Strap I gave one to a friend of mine to test, but he told me he already had a cufflink box. I still gave him the Cufflink Strap and said that he can see if it comes in handy one day.

He now uses the Cufflink Strap every working day, keeps his extra sets of cufflinks in his cufflink box and swaps the cufflinks from box to strap when he wants a change. He has also traveled extensively and takes his Cufflink Strap on every journey to keep his cufflinks safe and organised.

Is it really made in Melbourne Australia?


I started making prototypes of this product a few years ago in Melbourne. The prototypes looked horrible, but they had the functionality that I wanted to test, and after using them for 6 months I knew I had a winning idea.

The next step was to find someone to make a good one. This was more difficult than I thought it would be. Since Australian manufacturing is – how do I put this nicely? –  winding down, it was very difficult to find the right person to make the Cufflink Straps. After 10 different leather workers, 3 failed “production” prototypes and a gillion phone calls, I finally found the right guy in Melbourne.

I have no plans to outsource production to another country, and am currently looking for Australian tanneries to source more of my leather from.

How many cufflinks will fit into my Cufflink Strap?

The amount of cufflinks you can fit into your Cufflink Strap will depend on the style you choose, and should be included in the description on the product page.

We don’t recommend you putting two cufflinks into the same hole.

Something is wrong with my product...

If you have received your product and something is wrong with it or it doesn’t meet your expectations, we deeply apologise. We have a strict quality assurance process that tries to capture any and all defects in product and materials before it leaves the shop.

Inevitably, and despite all our quality assurance practices, there will be products that slip through the cracks. If you have received a product that has something wrong with it or that doesn’t meet your expectations please send us an email at jack@jackstraps.com.au and we will respond as soon as possible.