How to measure your belt size

Measuring belt size made easy!

What is a belt?

A belt is a device that your wear around your waist to keep your pants up, or if you are wearing a really tight pair of pants it just looks pretty.

Most belts have a buckle on one end and a series of punch holes on the other.

Our belts’ sizes are measured from approximately 25mm in from the front edge of the buckle to the middle hole of the group of five holes on the other end.

stylised belt image showing optimum belt measurement between buckle and centre punch hole

Finding your belt size

Method #1

Wear the clothes you normally would wear and place a measuring tape around your body where you intend to wear the belt. Most people assume that this would be the waist, but more often the correct place is the hips.

Method #2

Stretch your favourite belt out on a flat surface and measure the distance between the punch hole you use when wearing to where that hole will sit on the tongue or prong of the buckle when fastened: usually about one inch (25mm) in from the front edge of the buckle. See above diagram.

Method #3

Add 2″ (50mm) to the size of your favorite Jeans or pants. This method works with nearly all brand name jeans and a lot of standard suit and casual pants.


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