Making a Cufflink Strap!

Cufflink Strap Die and press

Thanks for taking an interest in how our products are made!

This particular batch of Cufflink Straps are made out of full grain, vegetable tanned leather sourced from Ballarat, Victoria.

They use an old Australian traditional method of tanning, using  genuine crushed wattle bark for its tanning medium that is sourced from the Western districts of Victoria and Southern tablelands of New South Wales.

You can see in the picture to the right, I mean left, – I always get that wrong – and the video below how a Cufflink Strap is cut from a metal die.

The orange machine, called a ‘press’, is swung around and is, funnily enough, used to press the die onto the leather with the force Zeus himself to produce each and every Cufflink Strap!

Cutting out a Cufflink Strap

Below is the product after the die cutting process! The die cutting provided most of the shape and functionality of the Cufflink Strap, with finishing touches left to be done.

Cufflink straps after being cut out

This is the branding machine. It heats up to temperatures beyond what a mortal man can comprehend before the brand is slammed into the leather to imprint it for eternity.

Cufflink Strap getting branded
The Stamp that is used to put the logo on a Cufflink Strap

The last and most dangerous part of the process is attaching the press stud to the Cufflink Strap. This machine sounds terrifying, and if your finger gets caught between it you can say goodbye to it. Safety First!

Cufflink Strap and stud press machine

Attaching the press stud

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