The Premium Cufflink Strap – Holds 12 Pairs

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Presenting the Premium Cufflink Strap!

With features like these, it’s fantastic !

– Made from 2 sensuous strips of high quality enuine  cow leather, it feels magnificent in your hands!

– When it sports two tones of vibrant colours, aren’t you glad you have two colours?

– Strengthening stitching around the edge, to give it the strength of an angry bear!

– Holds 12 pairs of cufflinks, on purpose!

– A front folding clasp, to show you that it means business…

– Stamped with a face I once saw in the Mirror of Truth.

– And a simple but elegant hanger, made from stainless steel and cut with freakin’ laser beams!

– Winning!

Note: Cufflinks not included.


The Premium Cufflink Strap

Included benefits

  • Hang your Premium Cufflink Strap in any convenient place or location for maximum effectiveness – science recommends a place close to your shirts, where cufflinks will stay organised and undamaged.
  • Clip cufflinks into the strap as you normally would into the cuffs of your best shirt.
  • The Premium Cufflink Strap is ideal for travelling – just hang the strap up inside your jacket bag, roll it up and put it in your bag, or wear it as a tie!
  • t’s also great for well groomed people that ride, walk or run to work and keep shirts and cufflinks inside a locker – no longer shall you have cufflinks falling into shoes, onto the floor, or into the bottom of the ocean.
  • Keep your cufflinks and watch together for added convenience with the addition of a watch clip (select products only).
  • With the Stainless Steel Cufflink Strap Hook you can hang it up in almost any place you can imagine!

About the leather

The Premium Cufflink Strap is made from two strips of genuine solid leather. This particular leather is Italian ‘upholstery leather’ and is normally used for furniture making, so you can rest assured that it will be strong, resistant to wear and wont rub off on your shirts.

How’s it hanging?

  • Without the hook it will strap onto clothes hanging poles that are up to 8.5 cm in circumference.
  • Using the stainless steel hook, the strap can be hung on any modern cloths pole or in any place you find where it can hang.

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions53.5 × 6.5 × 0.3 cm

4 reviews for The Premium Cufflink Strap – Holds 12 Pairs

  1. stew_it

    This thing is great.

    I use it mainly at work, where I hang it in my locker, as I cycle to and from work. It’s a good way to store a few cuff links without them getting damaged or lost from rolling around in the bottom of my locker.

    I’ve also used it when travelling, as it conveniently can be hung with shirts/suits etc in a suit carry bag. I usually just remove the hook and clip it straight onto another coat hanger I am taking along. No more rummaging around in the suitcase looking for the cuff link box, followed by further rummaging looking for the cuff links that fell out.

    Good product, useful and looks professional.

  2. andrewmeiliunas

    My strap was given to me as a gift. It has proven to be very handy in keeping my cufflinks together and always easy to find.

  3. Rhett

    What do you get the guy who has everything?

    I already had a large cufflink box to hold my 30+ pairs of cufflinks, so I was pretty sceptical when I received a Jack Strap as a gift. I’ve gotta say this has improved my morning routine. I hang the strap on the same hook as my tie rack and rotate through my favourite work cufflinks, so all my essentials are in the same place. The cufflink box is still used, it’s just the more dressy and obscure cufflinks that are stored there.

    The Jack Strap is well made, and looks good too. Very happy with it and they make great gifts.

  4. Josh

    Awesome product. It’s simple and elegant and far more practical than searching through a cufflink box every morning!

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