The Belt



Presenting – The Belt!

With features like these, it’s beltastic!

–  Wrap it ’round your waist like you’re Ned Kelly.

– Made by Italian Cows, the leather is so thick it will surely last a long time!

– Choose your own colours – they have been certified by geniuses at a bar to be colour blind friendly!

– The Roller Bar on the buckle rolls when you tighten so that the leather doesn’t get damaged!

– What! I know right!

– Stitched with a modern marvel of textiles (Nylon Thread), it will hold together even if you’re breaking down!

– Stamped with a face I once saw in the Mirror of Truth.


How to measure your belt size



The Belt

Included benefits

  • Made from 4mm thick Italian Leather!
  • Holds up 1 pair of pants at a time.
  • Has a roller buckle which will ensure The Belt lasts even longer!

About the leather

The Belt is made from one strip of genuine solid leather. Thick leather – like, really thick – of the highest quality Italian Belt leather, so you can rest assured that The Belt will be strong, resistant to wear and colour won’t rub off on your pants.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 50-200 × 3.6 × .4 cm


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