The future of cufflinks

The Future of Cufflinks

Cufflinks have been around in some shape or form for about 400 years, and will continue to be a go to accessory for the foreseeable future.

Cufflink use in formal wear

When a man goes out in a suit he wants to be seen in all his glory, and with jewellery like necklaces and bracelets for men not coming into fashion anytime soon where is a man to turn to bling himself out?

His watch? Probably not as these are moving towards “smart watches” and will most likely have to be put away for formal events as they will be too intrusive when buzzing and ringing at the table. Cigarette case? No one smokes anymore, and if they do they should read this book. Cufflinks, rings and belt buckles will be the bling of choice for the formal event, and maybe colourful socks for the poor peacocking man or the pantless bear.

The use of cufflinks in formal wear will be here for the long run, and we will most likely see a trend of more high end and expensive cufflinks and men owning fewer pairs, rather than the endless supply of cheap novelty cufflinks we see worn today.

Cufflink use in business attire

Businesses are becoming more casual and laid back about work attire, without the need to wear a tie or even a suit in some cases. If this trend continues then we will see less and less use of cufflinks in the workplace – people just aren’t wearing shirts no more! Business shirts that is. That being said, the other trend that I see in businesses is the move towards working from home more often. If this trend continues there could be a resurgence in wearing a suit to work to make sure that when you are at work you are looking ready for business.

If both of these trends continue, we will see a decline in the use of cufflinks, both because the workplace has become more casual and because people won’t be wearing a suit when working from home. This decline in the use of cufflinks will mean that people won’t need gillions of pairs of cufflinks, a person could most likely get away with a dozen or less pairs of cufflinks for business use.

Cufflink use for the salesman and customer facing business man


I have a special section for the salesman and the customer facing business man who at all times need to look their best. Unless they are forced to wear a polo shirt (in which case they carry cufflinks and a shirt in the car for ‘just in case’). Cufflinks have always been a big part of their artillery to enhance the perception of themselves in the eyes of the customer, and this trend will continue, even for those that sell over the phone which will most likely move to video calls.

In conclusion

Cufflinks still have a place in future society, but perhaps not as strong of a future in business attire as it used to be. However, cufflinks at formal events are probably going to grow in popularity. Your choice in cufflinks still show a lot about you, and you should choose with care how you present yourself on all occasions.

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