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Travel Cufflink Strap

I travel a lot for work and so am travelling with cufflinks, suits, ties, belts, shirts all the time, and there are two things that in the past I always forgot; Cufflinks and a work belt.

Forgetting a belt wasn’t too big a drama because I’ll either be wearing one on the plane that is semi ok for the office, belts are literally in every men’s clothing store so I could just buy one, or because my suit pants fit pretty snug anyway I could be like the cool kids and go without the belt.

But forgetting cufflinks is harder to deal with.

You can make a pair out of home and office supplies, which I have detailed in one of my last articles, or you can buy a pair.

Home and office supplies for cufflinks

Home and office supplies for cufflinks

But to help remember cufflinks in the first place, I store them in a cufflink strap. It sits right near everything else you will be collecting so is easy to remember as I’m collecting shirts, ties and suits for the trip.

But even when I do remember my cufflinks, where do I put them when travelling? There are a few options I have tried or thought of:

  1. Loose in the suitcase, but they are a pain to find and, most often, to find them you need to pull everything out of your bag.
    • Sometimes suitcases have another pocket for toiletries and smaller items which could work a bit better for putting cufflinks in, but cufflinks can rattle against each other and chip or break using this method. They could also end up with toothpaste all over them…
  2. Just wear them on the airplane, but that only leaves you with one choice of cufflinks for your whole trip. Not ideal.
  3. In a cufflink box and just throw the whole thing into the suitcase. There goes your baggage limit.
  4. In a cufflink strap, which can either be folded and put in the suitcase, or hung up in your garment bag.

I know which I would choose… Just don’t forget to grab the cufflink strap from the hotel wardrobe as you are leaving!

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